About Us

PFC Outdoors products are designed to lubricate and protect your firearms, bows, tree stands, and other hunting equipment in some of the harshest conditions your will ever face. Developed by hunters, for hunters.

PFC Outdoors is the sister company of The Berkebile Oil Co., Inc., headquartered in Somerset, Pennsylvania. All of our products are made in the USA with pride. 

PFC Outdoors oil and gun rags utilize an advanced non-toxic, solvent free, lanolin based formula. Originally designed for use as an automotive undercoating in extremely corrosive environments, PFC Earth and Pine, adds an Earth or Pine cover scent to an already proven formula used by thousands.

PFC will not harm bluing or other finishes, apply it to a clean cloth and wipe down all the surface of your firearms to create a thin tack free layer of protection that won’t leave residue on clothes or show fingerprints. It can also be used on slides, bolts, magazines, and other moving parts to provide tack-free lubrication. WILL NOT FREEZE! Makes an excellent lubricant for cold weather hunts.