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PFC Outdoors

Aerosol: Original

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Use PFC before a hunt to ensure your gear is lubricated and operating correctly without alerting game due to harsh chemical aromas. Use Protection First Class when storing Firearms and gear to prevent corrosion. Is your treestand seat or blind door squeaking? Use PFC there too! PFC can also be used on ATV/UTV’s, tractors, and other equipment.

PFC  outdoor oil and gun rags utilize an advanced non-toxic, solvent-free, lanolin-based formula. Originally designed for use as an automotive undercoating in extremely corrosive environments, 

PFC will not harm bluing or other finishes, apply it to a clean cloth and wipe down all the surface of your firearms to create a thin tack free layer of protection that won’t leave residue on clothes or show fingerprints. It can also be used on slides, bolts, magazines, and other moving parts to provide tack-free lubrication. WILL NOT FREEZE! Makes an excellent lubricant for cold weather hunts.

DIRECTIONS: Apply directly to firearm action to lubricate and protect. Be sure to wipe away any excess product build-up from the action. Only a light film is required. May also be applied to action with a cloth treated with PFC.  Can be applied over painted surfaces, damp or dry metal surfaces, and surface rust. Shake can before using. Hold can 6-8 inches from surface and spray, then wipe down for a smooth sheen, or simply allow to dry without wiping for a better rust preventative surface that remains slightly moist to the touch. Apply to moving parts for long-lasting lubricity, even in extremely cold temperatures. Invert can when done using and spray briefly to clear nozzle.